We build a Case converter tool online that makes your life easier and Fast without any hassle. You can change any text or paragraph.

Enter your text into the top box and click choose a conversion option. Your text will be transformed and displayed in the bottom box.

Title case converter tool is a pretty and useful handy web application that allows you to easily change the text case of any text to upper case, lower case, title case, or sentence case in real-time without any effort.

You can paste any text or paragraph you want to convert into the text area below, click the required buttons, and let the tool do the work.

How does it work?

Here, We explain how you can get Fast Case Converter tool results like UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title, and Sentence Case.

A Complete Guide to Title Case Conversion and Upper Case Conversion – Using Text Case Converter tool

Getting tired of manually changing the case of your text? You can use the Title case tool to convert text between upper, lower, and sentence cases in just a few clicks. This means no tedious manual editing or copying and pasting text into multiple programs. It doesn’t take long to master Text Case converter with our easy-to-follow guide. Just input your text, pick your case, and hit the required ” convert” button. It’s done and is super duper easy!

No matter the language, our amazing tool will ensure your text is formatted correctly, no matter what language you’re using. Get rid of frustrating formatting errors and say hello to efficient, easy-to-use Text Case and Title Case converters.

To convert your text to a title case, follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Title Case Converter” tool.
  • Write or Copy text and paste it into the text area provided.
  • Click on the buttons at the bottom of the text area
  • And here you got your favorite case without effortless

Follow the above instructions, you can easily convert your text to a title case using the text case converter tool.

How will it look after converting?

Upper Case

Add context to your column, which convert all letters to UPPER CASE. LOOKS BETTER!


Lower Case

Add context to your column, which will convert to UPPER CASE for every letter. looks better!

this is lower case

Sentence Case

Add context to your column, which will convert to every first letter of each sentence. Looks better!

This is sentence case
text case upper case sentence case

Title Case

In title case , the first letter of each word is capitalized, & minor letters are lowercase.

THIS is Title Case

So why waste time with manual text conversion when you can use a convenient and user-friendly tool? Get ahead of the game by investing in a quality text case converter today and Guide to Title Case Conversion and Upper Case Conversion – Using your favorite Text Case & Title Case tool.

Types of Case Converters

Title Case

In Title Case Most of Words are Capitalized, Except for Certain Words Such as Articles and Prepositions. This Makes the Text Easier to Read and More Appealing to the Reader. It Also Adds a Level of Professionalism to Written Documents.

Upper Case


Lower Case

In this case, all of the words and letters and sentences are in lower. you can convert any text into lowercase without effortless and real-time results

Sentence Case

In this case complete text is with proper sentence case. Each letter of the sentence starts with capital